What are they?

With our recent update, we decided to introduce the concepts of credits. They are originally made to represent the contributions a user made on IssueHunt up until now.

IssueHunt's values have always been cooperation and trust, so we wanted to introduce a quantifiable data to represent this. In this way, owners and contributors alike could distinguish themselves based on their hardwork and efficiency.

How can I increase my credits?

Credits are meant to represent contributions you would make on IssueHunt, with this guideline in mind we decided to link them to most basic actions a user could take on IssueHunt:

  • Daily login: +1
  • Registering a repository: +10
  • Funding an issue: half of the amount
  • Resolving a bounty request: +10
  • Submitting a pull request: +5
  • Rewarding a pull request: +3
  • Getting your PR rewarded: +15

The number of credits earned varies depending on the action taken and they might be adjusted in the future. However you should know that no contributions will be lost in the process of re-adjusting.

Final words

We hope that each one of our users sees credits as an additional tool or data to represent your hardwork, and as usual thrives to create an environment prone to cooperating!